School Consultations

Dr. Lynn regularly consults with school counselors, administrators and teachers as part of the individual therapy with children and adolescents. If authorized by the client and parents, Dr. Lynn can develop and on-going and collaborative relationship with those individuals involved with his client's education and school based interventions. This is especially important with children who have ADHD, learning difficulties and IEP or 504 plans.

As part of his experience with psychological assessment, Dr. Lynn becomes actively involved with the school systems in developing and maintaining accommodations and modifications often seen in 504 plans and Individualized Education Plans, commonly referred to as IEPs. Dr. Lynn works hard to make sure that any recommendations from a psychological assessment can be implemented at home and in the school system and that there is collaborative feedback about the recommendations.

Forensic Consultations

Dr. Lynn performs court related and court ordered evaluations on a case by case basis. Evaluations include parenting assements, fitness for duty evaluations, personality assessment and psychological testing. Dr. Lynn has consulted with various state and federal agenicies, as well as individual companies and employers, on the psychological assessment and screening of employees for mental health and job-related difficulties.

Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Lynn's practice offers a conference room space that can accommodate small to mid-sized (approximately 20 people) workshops and seminars. In the past, Dr. Lynn has offered workshops on parenting and educational evaluations. If you are interested in a particular seminar/workshop topic or if you have a community group interested in utilizing the conference room space, please contact Dr. Lynn.


Dr. Lynn performs a wide range of educational assessments. These include intellectual and academic achievement testing. All assessments include instruments that are recognized by the school system and results can help indicate the presence of learning disorders and other processing issues. More specialized psychological assessments for reading, phonological and emotional disorders are also offered. As many of these assessments are not covered by traditional insurance plans Dr. Lynn offers individualized payment plans and sliding scales on a case by case basis.


Dr. Lynn offers psychological assessment for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. ADHD assessment involves an individual psychological interview to discuss the nature and history of potential ADHD symptoms. Self-report and collateral ratings forms are utilized to gain a comprehensive knowledge of ADHD symptoms across all environments such as home, school, job and other settings. Testing may also be completed for other comorbid learning disorders. As many individuals with ADHD also have difficulty with planning, organization and other executive functioning skills, these areas are also fully assessed. Dr. Lynn consults with primary care doctors, psychiatrists and other practioners to help individuals manage their treatment of ADHD.

Personality testing

Dr. Lynn performs personality assessments utilizing the most well researched psychological instruments. Some of the major instruments utilized are the MMPI-2, the MCMI-III and the PAI. These instruments are commonly used in forensic evaluations and also as a complement to individual and group psychotherapy. These instruments are designed to assess things such as depression and anxiety as well as other personality styles. Personality assessments often help a psychologist or other provider to best match a particular treatment with a client.

Adoption Evaluation

Dr. Lynn works with couples and single parents who are trying to adopt children domestically, within the United States, and internationally. For several years, Dr. Lynn has worked with organizations such as Catholic Charities, Wide Horizons and other private adoption agencies to complete the psychological screenings necessary for certain adoptions. Evaluations typically are completed in one appointment that is approximately 2-3 hours in length. Costs vary per the nature of each evaluation. Please contact Dr. Lynn with any questions.

Forensic Evaluation

Please see the Forensic Consultation section. Dr. Lynn evaluates each potential assessment on a case by case basis.


Dr. Lynn provides direct assistance to parents of school aged children and teenagers. He is familiar with many of the well-researched parenting strategies such as Magic 1-2-3. Dr. Lynn provides guidance and assistance around age appropriate parenting and discipline strategies as well as guidance on children meeting developmental milestones. He utilizes a collaborative relationship with the parents and children to develop the best approach for each family. Dr. Lynn also works with single parents, step-parents and other family members to develop the best approach to handling the challenges of blended families.

Family Therapy

At times, individual therapy is not the best or the only avenue to help a child or adolescent handle issues that arise. Often, working with the whole family to address the dynamics, roles and challenges within the family is the best way to offer the services needed. Family therapy can also be a complement to a child, teen or adult's therapy. Family therapy lets all of the family members "be heard" and the therapy is focused on communication strategies, parenting and the goals and expectations of the family unit. Family therapy is especially important in dealing with issues related to eating disorders, school refusal, attachment issues and dealing with special needs children.


Dr. Lynn has access to a sizeable group/conference room within the office space. The plan will be to offer groups for school aged children and adults. Groups will become available as the need arises. Planned groups will include a mixed social skills group group, a group for issues with ADHD and a parenting group. If you have ideas for groups or questions about groups that will run in the future please contact Dr Lynn.

Adult Therapy

Adult therapy is based on the development of a strong working relationship between the Psychologist and the patient.

Therapy is about change, and treatment will focus on promoting behavioral growth and change. In addition, treatment will also address the emotions behind these behaviors and help to foster insight into one's self. Therapy may prove useful for those struggling with depression, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, anger and anger management, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, phobias, trauma, adult ADHD, relationship issues, low self-esteem, and stress. Dr. Lynn also helps individuals to deal with parenting and family issues related to divorce and blended families.

Adolescent Therapy

Individual adolescent therapy combines many of the same components as both individual adult and child therapy. As in child therapy, it is important for the Psychologist to have contact with the patient's parent or parents. This should be done in a manner that is always supportive and respectful of the teenager's confidentiality, and is often done with the adolescent present.

Dr. Lynn works hard to develop a strong confidential bond with all of his teenage clients. Parents come to understand that teens need a source that they can confide in to open up about relationships, school difficulties and other more troubling issues such as suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol use and legal problems. Dr. Lynn works with the teenager to make sure that he is a "good fit" with the teen before moving forward.

Child Therapy

Therapy for all children will, necessarily, involve contact with the parent(s). Psychologists work in conjunction with parents in order to learn as much about the child and to provide the best and most consistent treatment as possible. As appropriate, Dr. Lynn visits and collaborates with teachers and school administrators.

Dr. Lynn has always enjoyed working with children and over the years he has continued to evolve his practice to address more of the needs of children and parents. He has taken many continuing education classes on the assessment and treatment of children with anxiety disorders and depression. He works with school counselors, pediatricians and other providers to provide an intensive, collaborative and wrap around process for treating the most prevalent childhood disorders.

Questions or Concerns ?

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